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11 Dec 2019
Discover how you can use the GU10 bulb to save money on your monthly electricity bill and improve the energy efficiency of your household.
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31 Oct 2019
The garage is a multipurpose space that requires different types of led lighting so you can complete all tasks, from detailed jobs at your workbench to getting to your car at night without tripping on the steps.
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9 Oct 2019
A simple guide to LED Emergency Signs and Lights. Discover how you can install and which Emergency signs and lights you should choose. We cannot stress enough that the installation of Emergency lights should be one of the top priorities for any contractors that are constructing new apartments.
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25 Sep 2019
If you have a room that makes you feel a claustrophobic discomfort, try updating the lighting. Our staff are recommending some tips to improve your lighting.
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