What is track lighting? Discover how you can use track lighting in your household

9 Apr 2019

At LTC we offer a vast range of track lighting where you can enhance your lighting in your living spaces, kitchens, bedrooms and much more. Our experienced staff have prepared a detailed blog for you to discover how you can use the modern and innovative track lighting in your household.

Track lighting offers a good deal of versatility, allowing flexibility in both size and position. Indeed there are a wide number of choices to be made in terms of styling. As such, track lighting is not just suited to a study, a kitchen or a hallway. Designers now use track lighting extensively in living rooms, bathrooms and even bedrooms. This form of lighting often gives a contemporary touch so it is a fixture that is ideal for a new build home or for renovated spaces within existing homes.

Track lights are perfect when you want to accent certain areas of the room, such as objet d’art or shelving and display units. They are also very helpful in rooms where you need lot of light in particular area to work under. Think of a directional task light in a home office that keeps your desk illuminated or a kitchen counter top which needs plenty of light.

Track lighting is great idea if you want to replace existing ceiling fittings without having to rewire the house. If you have a high ceiling in the room you want to light, track lighting can be very useful, because it looks fine if the fitting is suspended, which is not always the case with regular fittings.


Long and thin, corridors often suffer if they are only lit from ceiling mounted light fittings. Even if supported by some wall mounted lights, or a lamp, a hallway can appear to be dark in certain areas of the room. To get a more uniform level of light throughout the corridor, use track lighting to mount a number of evenly distributed light sources. This is a particularly attractive method if you use your corridor to display wall art, because you can angle the lights to highlight the images.

Bedroom Accent Walls.

Track lighting, fitted in a bedroom, is not an obvious design choice. Mostly, the idea for lighting a bedroom is for a subdued atmosphere, without excessive brightness. Nevertheless, track lighting is becoming an increasingly popular choice for sleeping quarters. The trick is to use the light source indirectly. Point the light sources at a wall, or a display cabinet, to accent it such that the light is reflected back into the room. Select a track lighting system that can be dimmed, so you have total control over the amount of light.

Go Curvy.

Track lighting is not all about straight lines and parallel forms. Nowadays there are plenty of track lighting systems that can be easily shaped to work in irregularly proportioned rooms. Even if you have a one-off room that would be difficult to light evenly, you should be able to find a track system to do the job.

Practical Tracks.

If you have a work space that needs to be well lit, then only one or two fittings, no matter how bright, mean you end up with shadows being cast as you work. Multiple light sources, from a track mounting, minimizes this problem. As such, track lighting is a great idea in a workshop or a kitchen application.


Tracks don’t need to be suspended from ceilings, although this is their primary design. They can also work well mounted on walls or exposed beams. High roofed structures, that have their structural A-frames on show, are ideally suited to track lighting systems, too.


In May 2019, at LTC, we are expecting a new consignment of modern track lights with different sizes and colors for your specific needs.


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