Top 4 LED Light strips Decoration Ideas.

20 Apr 2019

Lighting up your life with DIY LED projects is simple and fun! LED light strips are used. Also known as LED light strips features a variety of colours and uses. At LTC LED Lighting we have both normal and waterproof LED strip lighting. Our waterproof strip lights come with an IP67 rating.

Here are our top five LED light strip decoration ideas for fun use.

Top 4 LED Light strips Decoration Ideas.

LED light up garden

Led light strips can easily give your garden a unique ambience. One can easily decorate a garden by installing a strip light to a tree, or simply by installing it near a pool.

LED strip lighting for signs

Use LED strip lighting to light up your logo on your premises. You can choose between 3k, 4k and 6k depending on how much light you need on your premises’ logo sign. The strip lights will help you make your facade more eye catching to potential customers passing by.

LED light up bar

DIY LED projects are becoming increasingly popular in the home from the bedroom to the kitchen. This DIY LED project is not as family-friendly, but you can use LED lights to decorate your bar at home. It can be simple as adding accents to the shelves where you keep your liquor bottles.

LED light up aquarium

One of the great features of LED light strips is that they’re available in a waterproof option. You can use waterproof LED strip lights to decorate an aquarium as an accent light, supplemental light, or as the primary light source.

It’s important to note that even though LED lights strips can be waterproof, they should NOT be fully submerged in water. Waterproof means they are resistant to water, but prolonged exposure to water can damage the circuit board.

At LTC LED Lighting, we have a full range of strip lights available from stock. Full colour variation, from red, blue, RGB, and pure white strip lights are available. We also have a range of drivers and aluminum profiles that are used to be fitted in soffits.

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