Read this before going on your Summer vacation!

19 Jun 2019

Vacations should be all about relaxing and not having a care in the world. So, don’t let the worry about the safety of your home take that away from you.  Lighting is an essential part of effective home security systems.  Did you know that the most commonly mentioned intruder deterrent is a lack of hiding spots available on well-lit properties?  Here are a few ideas to keep your home safe with exterior lighting.

Solar lights

At LTC LED Lighting we also have solar spotlights and solar motion sensor lights. The solar spotlights are mainly used for decorative purposes. They are available in pure white and in RGB colour temperature variation. On the other hand, solar motion sensor lights are solar operated and can be manually set to light up when someone passes from underneath the light fitting or to light up automatically during the night. Both products need to receive the utmost light during the day to operate at their full capabilities.

Flood lights

 Outdoor floodlights are an easy way to light up the dark areas around a home or commercial building. Floodlight fixtures with motion sensors will turn lights on automatically when motion is detected, offering valuable safety and security lighting.

The best place to install motion sensor flood lights are on all sides of your home including entryways, corners, decks, porches, driveways, and backyards.  Flood lights distribute a wide area of light making them ideal for illuminating large areas and discouraging thieves from targeting your home.

Outdoor wall lights

 Mounting durable outdoor wall lighting fixtures not only provides safety and security around your home or business, but today’s modern exterior lanterns and sconces add curb appeal around your garage, front door or patio. Choose from rustic, traditional and contemporary LED outdoor wall light designs with features like integrated smart technology and energy-saving motion and dusk to dawn sensors. For a consistent look for your home, choose lights that will pair well with your existing outdoor light fixtures.

Recessed lights

On covered porches, recessed lighting can be installed to provide direct overhead lighting, illuminating areas for excellent crime deterrent.  As one of the most versatile sources of light for both residential and commercial buildings, outdoor recessed lighting fixtures, offer a layer of general lighting that seamlessly blends into any space. There are many options of trims and housings, so you can customize the perfect lighting for your space.

Motion Sensory Path Lights

Why pay an energy bill for your outdoor lighting when free energy shines down on your yard all day long? Path and post lights can be installed along your walkways and come in a variety of styles and finishes.  Many have motion activated options that include a built-in photocell to ensure that the LEDs are only activated at night. There are so many options available to keep your family and visitor’s safe.

Let’s get started on your outdoor DIY lighting projects so you can enjoy your vacation with peace of mind. One of the most commonly mentioned deterrents is a lack of hiding spots available on well-lit properties. Security lights are quick and easy to install and are proven to be a highly effective crime deterrent.  You certainly earned your vacation, so enjoy your time away, worry-free.


At LTC LED Lighting, you can find a wide range of outdoor lights, both electrically operated and solar operated. All of our LED outdoor lights are IP 65 rated, which means that our lights are protected against water and dust tight. Visit us in St.Paul Street, Naxxar where our staff will happily guide you to choose the perfect light fitting for your needs.