Our top 3 essential products for summer 2019

8 Jul 2019

Summer 2019 is well and truly underway. At LTC LED Lighting we have the right products for you to use this summer to beat the heat, light up your outdoor spaces and enjoy the outdoors. The three most popular products for this summer are the Strip lights which enhance your outdoor lighting, giving it a unique setting, the USB fans which are your perfect office partner, and the splash proof Bluetooth speaker with RGB led lights.


  • Strip lights/ Neon flex light. One of the most popular products on our product list. The led strip light are waterproof strip and come with an IP67 rating. It is really important not to expose the LED strip light to vast amount of water or fully submerge it in water. However, if installed near a pool are or is exposed to rain, the LED strip light will work normally. The LED strip lights are commonly used to create a unique ambience where you have the freedom of choosing your favorite colour temperature (Pure white, warm white , RGB – controlled with a remote, or the neon flex where a range of bright coloured lights are available).


  •  USB Fan

Our USB fans are the perfect gadget to overcome heat this summer. Perfect for offices, stores and home for everyday use. Simply connect the USB connector to your personal laptop, PC, power bank or a power socket. The USB fan is small and it fits everywhere making it very practical and easy to use. It completely rotates 360 deg making it very practical.

  • Splash proof Bluetooth Speaker Splash proof Bluetooth speaker with RGBW colour variations. Connect you smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth and play your favorite summer tunes near the beach. 100% splash proof and the build of the speaker is specifically designed to be sand and dust proof.



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