Lower Lighting Costs for Your Small Business

3 Oct 2019

On your energy saving journey, you may have recently learned some energy saving tips for business owners. Here are some cheap lighting solutions and more tips for lighting on a budget.

How Small Businesses Can Start Saving Money with LED?

Owning a small business can be a rewarding and challenging endeavor. Entrepreneurs face numerous challenges when they operate a small business, with financial costs being one of the main problems. Lowering lighting costs can have a significant impact on your budget.

Switch to LED

Changing all your light bulbs to the more efficient LED lightbulbs is a great start. LED bulbs require less wattage than CFL (compact fluorescent light) and incandescent light bulbs. Saving money with LED is a cheap lighting solution over time. These green lights have a life expectancy of 11 years of continued operation. In contrast, incandescent light bulbs need to be replaced after 800-1500 hours of use. LED lights are reported to live six times longer than fluorescent light. Fewer replacements means fewer costs.

Use technology and work-from-home

Using technology can help you keep down energy and lighting costs. There are a variety of free video-chat applications on the market, including Skype and Google Hangouts. Instead of driving to meetings, try conducting virtual meetings with employees and clients. Save the expense of lighting a conference room.

Provide employees with a work-from-home option. Allowing employees to work from home would save money on overhead costs and equipment. You can remain in contact with the video-chat applications previously mentioned.

If you don’t want employees always working from home, opting for a “work from home day” can be a fun day you can try once a month. On this day, close the office, and employees can complete their daily tasks from home. You can use technology to keep in touch and remain productive, while saving lighting and operating costs.

Market your energy-saving efforts

Let your customers know what you’re doing. These lighting solutions are not only great for savings, but they can also help attract energy conscientious customers. Let your customers know you’re saving money with LED lights. There’s no shame in cheap lighting solutions, as they are all ultimately a positive impact on the environment.

LED Solutions with LTC LED Lighting

At LTC LED Lighting, we understand all the benefits of LED lights and minimizing operating costs for your business. Switching over to LED lights is a simple step to begin your energy saving journey. We also offer consultancy and lighting design services where we can discuss how you can save on your electricity bills by introducing LEDs. Visit our showroom in St. Paul Street, Naxxar where you will find a wide selection of commercial, industrial and residential products available from stock.