How-to use Wake-up Calls through Lighting

20 Aug 2019

We often say, as do other manufactures in the industry, what big differences and benefits LED can make for you compared to traditional light sources. Over the coming weeks, we’ll talk about what other functions LED can boost, whether it’s in hotels, sports arenas or agriculture.

Not only is LED a smarter and energy-efficient solution that will increase the quality of life if installed properly, but lighting can be used in other areas too.

LED Lighting at a Higher Level

You know it yourself; you are awakened by the sound of the alarm on your phone every morning. As a small example for you to better understanding of this concept, a hotel in Iceland has just taken this type of lighting to a whole new level. It’s an experiment the hotel introduced where guests have the opportunity to wake-up by what they call “natural wake-up”. Thus, a five minutes long dynamic light is activated, where the light intensity changes from 0 to 90 percent and ends at a color temperature of 5600K. This ensures that the guest is awakened quietly – not by sound, as we know it otherwise, but through lighting.

As an extra feature, lighting has been thought so much more into the room than just its basic function – to light up the room. The hotel’s bedrooms have ceiling mounted fixtures with color temperatures of 2100K, 4000K and 6000K with color rendering of minimum CRI85. The guest can adjust color temperature to suit the situation and mood.

The four scenarios could be:

  • Relaxing atmosphere with low light levels of approx. 50 LUX and a warm color temperature
  • Energy-giving atmosphere that raises the light level to 350 LUX
  • Daylight with levels of approx. 120 LUX
  • Night lighting with Kelvin of 4000K and 6000K

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