How to Choose the Best LED Light Bulbs for Home Decor

21 Sep 2018

LED (light emitting diode) lights are all the rage for a reason. These products use about 75 per cent less energy and can last 25 times longer than the traditional incandescent lighting.

There are a variety of bulbs available to fit the sockets in your home. The prices have also dropped since they were first introduced.

Shine the best light on your home. Check out our complete guide to find the best LED light bulbs for home decor and, of course, the best cosy lighting.

Reading the Label

To help you understand what are the best light bulbs, let's talk about two terms on the packaging that may be confusing - lumens and Kelvins. This will help you understand what to look for when choosing the best bulbs for each room.

Lumens measure the bulb's brightness. Higher lumens produce more light.

Lumens also are equivalent to wattage so if you normally use a 60-watt bulb in your bedroom, you would look for a 60-watt-equivalent LED bulb. The packaging will tell you the wattage equivalent.

Kelvins (K) is a measurement the of the bulb's colour temperature. Warm is yellow and blue is cool. The more Ks in a bulb means it is more cool or blue. For example, a 4000K bulb is bluer than a 3000K bulb.

You will want to pick a colour that fits the room. Yellow, or warm lights, are more natural lights.

Look at Your Sockets Before Buying LED Lights

LED bulbs will fit traditional sockets. However, you will still need to look at the bulb's depth and position.

Smart Features

There are smart LED bulbs that you can programme through your smartphone. You can change the colour, brightness, and turn on and off. These bulbs are more expensive but create great ambience.

Warm Light Feels Homier

When you can't decide what colour, you may want to go for the lower side of the Kelvin scale. These lights are warmer and are more similar to incandescent light bulbs.

Think Twice About Red or Blue Lights

Blue or red lights might fun on a smart LED light, but you want that colour to use as regular light. You probably want high-Kelvin lights in the kitchen or bathroom because they provide the brightest light to see.

Use LED String Lights for Parties

If you are having an outdoor event or party, you may want to use LED string lights instead of smart LED bulbs. You can also use these string lights for under cabinet lighting or along shelves. Another spot for the string lights is under your bathroom cabinets by the toe kick for a nice, soft night-light.

Dim Lighting

You can find LED bulbs that dim. However, they may not work with your fluorescent dimmer switches. Do your research to see if the LED bulbs will work.

Accent Lighting

You can also use LED lighting for accent colours like above your cabinets or under the rail of your deck. These lights can really showcase a room. With smart bulbs, you can switch up colours to match a theme like blue for New Years Day or red for Christmas.

Find the Best LED Light Bulbs for Home

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