Essential LED Light Fixtures for Your New Home

3 Sep 2018

Have you made the switch from incandescent bulbs to LED lights?

If you haven't yet, you're missing on tons of great benefits. For one thing, LED lights use less energy, which means incredible energy savings.

They also last longer and are better for the environment. You also get a lot of colour choices. If you want, you could have different LED light fixtures for every room in your home.

But there's also a trick to using LED lights. You have to deploy them right so they fit your home's design and style.

That said, here are some LED lighting ideas to help you buy the right LED lighting products.

LED Lights for the Bedroom

Keep in mind that the goal for bedroom lighting is to create a relaxing, calm, and peaceful space. You'll want to avoid blue light waves if you don't want your body's biological clock disrupted.

Besides lighting, you'll want to consider your personal preferences. Are you a nighttime reader? Do you have artwork in your bedroom that you want to show off?

An easy solution would be to layer your ambient, accent, and task lighting. You can opt for recessed lights, plus floor and table lamps. Track lighting and chandeliers are good lighting ideas for the bedroom as well.

LED Lights for the Living Room

You'll need a combination of light sources for your living room. If you don't have natural light coming in during the day, you'll need an overhead light.

Now, if you want a focus piece, you can opt for a chandelier. You can also go for angled spotlights.

Floor lamps are another option if you don't have dimmable ceiling lights. If you watch TV in your living room, choose surrounding lights that won't add to the glare. This will help you avoid eye strain.

LED Lights for the Kitchen

If bedrooms need less blue lights, kitchens can use more of it. Blue-light emitting LED bulbs can help you be more alert and awake. They sure do come in handy when you're preparing breakfast during the wee hours of the morning.

But you can also go for LED light fixtures that could balance out the brighter blue lights. This will create a nice ambience, especially if your kitchen doubles as a dining room.

LED Lights for the Bathroom

For the bathroom, you'll want more illumination for your beauty and grooming tasks. That means you can't rely on ceiling lights alone.

As for vanity lights, you'll have to layer them. Another option is to choose dimmable LED lighting. Add a small lamp (if you have extra room) on your bathroom counter for a more decorative flair.

Looking for the Best LED Light Fixtures?

The best LED light fixtures will depend on the room you're lighting. For the best LED lights for home use, don't hesitate to check out our consultancy service.

Our qualified personnel will make sure your home gets the right type of lights. That means proper colour temperature, lux levels, and more.

You can talk to us for more information about our lighting products and services.