DIY Halloween decorations with LED Lighting.

26 Oct 2019

We are ever so close to the Halloween festivities. Halloween is a fun holiday and many people enjoy decorating specifically for this holiday popular with kids and teenagers. If you are one of those people keen on this holiday, some of our employees at LTC LED lighting have prepared some easy DIY projects for your home.

Welcoming Pumpkin Light

Get a plastic pumpkin that is larger than your outdoor light. Cut a hole in the back large enough to fit over the light fixture. Or, cut the back off the pumpkin then add a little tape to make it stay in place. It’s a great way to let everyone know ‘Trick or Treaters are Welcome Here.’

Mummy Luminaries Light Up Your Pathway

Use Mason jars to create mummy luminaries. Wrap mason jars with bandage gauze. Cut eyes out of black construction paper and glue them to the jars. Insert an LED tea light. Put the lid and rings back on the jars and place them along your pathway. If you would rather use white LED Christmas lights for this project, punch a hole in the lid and insert the light. You’ll have a fun walkway for visitors to your home.

We’re Watching You

Using cardboard rolls from paper towels or toilet paper, cut eye shapes into the tubes. String the paper tubes over red LED lights and lay them on your bushes. At night time it will look like red eyes peering through the shrubs.

Creepy Candles

Here’s another fun idea using cardboard rolls from paper towels or toilet paper. Make candle groupings by standing the cardboard tubes on the end. Hot glue them together in a shape you like. Spray paint them black, and add LED tea lights.

Another similar idea is hanging white candles from the ceiling. Paint the paper tubes white, then insert the LED tea light. Use fishing string to hang them from the ceiling.

Pond Pumpkins

If you have a pond or water area to decorate, float plastic pumpkins in them. Add LED tea lights inside the pumpkins to light them up. They’re fun floating in the water. One can also install LED waterproof strip lights that can be controlled from a remote and change colours to your needs. Hence, it is very important not to submerse the LED strip light in water.

Spooky Porch or Pond

Use LED waterproof RGB strip lights inside your carved pumpkins, or plastic pumpkins if that’s a better option for you. Place the pumpkins around your porch, pond or steps. They’ll add a spooky atmosphere to your home.

Light Up Your Home

Use LED orange, green or purple spotlights to add a spooky atmosphere to your home. Spotlights are available using solar power or battery operated. Light up your trees, outdoor decorations or the front of your home.

Use LED string lights to outline your home, projects, or wrap them around your trees. LED lights are virtually unbreakable, and won’t fade and lose their color over time.

Why You Should Use LED Lights to Decorate Your Home

LED lights are bright, durable, economical to run and easy to use. This makes them a great option for decorating your home. Their flexibility lends itself to your creative abilities. They can be used in both cold and warm environments. They’re perfect for outdoor decorating.

LED lights will last up to 10 times longer than standard lighting. They use up to 90% less energy compared to traditional bulbs. Many are available using solar energy, making them ideal for both small and large projects.

LED lights run cool to the touch so they are a safe option for your decorating.

Happy Halloween from all the staff at LTC LED Lighting.