An intorduction to soffit lights.

17 Oct 2019

When artificial light first became popular at the end of the 19th century. Back then, people wanted as much light as possible. However, the glare it produced and its dazzling brightness was just too much for some people. So, in the 1920s, commercial applications such as movie theatres began embracing subtle types of lighting. People who went to the theatre wanted to be able to see the play but also move in and out easily when they needed to without crashing into other people.

Soffits are usually constructed in building interiors and exteriors as architectural features for lighting or ventilation. Over the years, soffit lighting has become quite popular as decorative and accent lighting in both commercial and residential applications. The lighting can be surface mounted using mounting brackets or recessed into the ceiling. Because the space inside a soffit is usually shorter in height, low-profile lighting fixtures are preferred for the spaces. Using LED recessed-lights and LED canopy-lights for soffit lighting ensures flexible design options. You can also choose from a large selection of fixtures. For example, you can choose LED lights with wider beam angles for more coverage or those with different color temperatures to create a warm atmosphere.

Soffit lighting may be indirect or direct. Indirect lighting can be lighting installed beneath cabinets in commercial spaces to provide low-level ambient lighting that is not used for specific tasks. Lighting that is installed between cabinet tops and the ceiling is also indirect lighting. This light can provide a slight ambient glow for general illumination.

Direct light is light that is concentrated on a specific area or object. This can be track lighting installed in an indoor soffit or security lighting installed in an outdoor soffit. Many a time, recessed lighting is used to provide direct lighting from soffits. This is because it fits within the soffit and illuminates specific areas.

At LTC LED Lighting we have a vast range of soffit light fittings where you can choose from. We have the standard plastic soffit light fittings with clip on which prices start from only €1.60 (price inc.VAT). In addition, we also have glass soffit light fittings, metal soffit light fittings and the all new modern designed aluminum soffit light fittings. You can also find trimless soffit light fittings which fit inside the soffit in order to create a unique ambience. 

All the soffit light fittings available at LTC only support the world wide recognised GU10 light bulb. A low consumption bulb, available in 3 different wattages 3w, 5w, 7w and available in 3 different colour temperatures warm white(3k), natural white (4k) and cool white (6k).