4 common mistakes to avoid when upgrading to LED lighting

8 Aug 2019

Replacing your traditional lighting with LED is more comprehensive than just removing the halogen bulb and installing the LED bulb. There are many factors to consider and many steps in the process can end in failure. Therefore, we have gathered five typical mistakes, which might be useful to be aware of before upgrading to LED lighting.

Frequently, we are asked about everything from installation of LED luminaires to more technical questions about colour rendering and colour temperature. Hence, the purpose of this week’s blog post is to gather the most prevalent questions to an FAQ of common mistakes to avoid when you replace fluorescent tubes or halogen bulbs with LED.

1: You ground your purchase on the LED luminaire’s power consumption

This is one of the most common mistakes when traditional lighting is replaced by LED lighting. The power consumption, which is measured in watt, indicates the amount of power consumed by the light source. However, the power consumption does not inform about the amount of light emitted by the light source in relation to the consumed power. For this purpose, you must look at the light source’s energy efficiency, which is measured in lumen per watt (LPW). LED luminaires consume relatively less power than traditional sources of light and for this reason, you should not replace a 20W halogen spot with a 20W LED spot. You should instead replace it with an LED-spot with similar energy efficiency as the original spot.

2: Your new LED lighting has a different light distribution

How the light is distributed in the room can be crucial to how the atmosphere in the room appears. If you replace your traditional lighting with LED, you might experience a more concentrated light distribution. For LED luminaires differ from traditional light sources by emitting a more direct light, whereby you avoid that the light is distributed in all directions. However, this spill light can be beneficial, wherefore you should look for LED luminaires with diffusers. In this way, you will experience more uniform and smooth lighting.

3: You do not check up on the supplier

In line with LED bulbs’ increased popularity, the market for LED lighting has exploded during the last couple of years. There are many suppliers to choose from, but not everyone is equally genuine and the quality varies a lot from one manufacturer to another. Therefore, you must thoroughly check out the supplier before investing in new LED lighting. At LTC LED Lighting we are specialists in LED lighting and contrary to other LED suppliers, we are exclusively occupied with LED. For this reason, you can confidently rely on LTC, if you want a professional LED solution.

4: You do not get a decent warranty

At LTC LED Lighting we offer a minimum of 2 year warranty on all our products. Our products are of great quality and all tested in order to be 100% sure that we are offering the best products for our customers.

Should you require any additional information on any LED products that we currently have in stock feel free to contact us on 2141 4137, send us an email on [email protected] or visit us in St.Paul Street, Naxxar.