LED Lighting Specialist for Commercial,

Industrial, and Residential Lighting



A well-established leader in LED technology since 2011, RG Alternatives Limited offers high quality energy saving options. RG Alternatives Limited current product range includes LED tubes, bulbs, floodlights, high-bays, down lights, panel light and street lights.

At RG Alternatives Limited we try hard to meet the client's expectations and demands.

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Latest Updates
9 Oct 2019
A simple guide to LED Emergency Signs and Lights. Discover how you can install and which Emergency signs and lights you should choose. We cannot stress enough that the installation of Emergency lights should be one of the top priorities for any contractors that are constructing new apartments.
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25 Sep 2019
If you have a room that makes you feel a claustrophobic discomfort, try updating the lighting. Our staff are recommending some tips to improve your lighting.
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