LED Lighting Specialist for Commercial,

Industrial, and Residential Lighting



A well-established leader in LED technology since 2011, RG Alternatives Limited offers high quality energy saving options. RG Alternatives Limited current product range includes LED tubes, bulbs, floodlights, high-bays, down lights, panel light and street lights.

At RG Alternatives Limited we try hard to meet the client's expectations and demands.

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Latest Updates
8 Jul 2019
Summer 2019 is well and truly underway. At LTC LED Lighting we have the right products for you to use this summer to beat the heat, light up your outdoor spaces and enjoy the outdoors. Discover our top 3 products for summer 2019.
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1 Jul 2019
Why LED lights are the ideal light fittings for your Gym? Discover how you can install LED light fittings in order to save on your consumption whilst providing the best aesthetic look for your gym.
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